10 Ways To Make Your Backyard Wedding AMAZING!

Home is where the heart is — so why not be there on your wedding day. Backyard weddings have been on the rise the last few years, and have been especially popular due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you are adjusting your dream wedding due to COVID, or a backyard wedding has always been your dream, we have 10 ideas to help make it amazing!

10 Fun Ideas for Your Backyard Wedding


wedding arch for backyard wedding ideas

I have been seeing these hexagon wedding arches in weddings everywhere! They are a beautiful way to add an intriguing archway for your upcoming nuptials.

Get it for your own backyard wedding:

This Wedding Hexagon Arch from Nashville Woodworkz on Etsy looks just gorgeous with flowers as we see here, or you could drape the archway with sheer fabric like these sheer drapes from Ling’s Moment. If you don’t need or want an archway while you say your I Do’s, you can use this archway as a fun photo display! Using these lighted photo clips from Safe and Hip on Etsy. Simply string these light strands across your hexagon arch, and hang pictures of you and your partner.

Why we love it: Versatile and simple



Covid Wedding Sanitation Sign

Planning a wedding during this pandemic can be overwhelming and stressful. Here at Miss Design Berry, we are trying to help make that easier.

Get it for your own backyard wedding:

This Sanitation Station Sign, designed to match any decor. Sanitation stations can help your guests feel safe at a  bigger gathering like your wedding. You can place one near the entrance, or by food tables, or both. Supplying your guests with hand sanitizer can help make everyone feel a little more comfortable attending your event. You can also choose to supply masks to ensure all of your guests wear one. This take a mask sign will to helps guests stay safe and stop the spread of the Covid-19 while looking super chic

Why we love it: Customizable and Practical



Vintage Ladders for Wedding Decor

Okay, I had some of these for my wedding, and I highly suggest getting some because they double as home decor afterward.

Get it for your own backyard wedding:

I found my ladder secondhand on Facebook marketplace. You can usually find them on Etsy as well, but act fast if you find one you like, they go quick! I used my ladder to hold party favors with old drawers I had. I have also seen people use ladders to hold greenery or lights, or even use them to create shelving for the dessert buffet. Vintage doors are also a great wedding must have, and would look amazing in your intimate backyard setting. They make a great backdrop for your ceremony, an awesome Photo Booth, or even just a way to hold photos of you and your partner. You could even throw in some vintage farmhouse windows to take your decor to the next level!

Why we love it: Thrifty and Handmade


Wedding Cornhole for Backyard Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding, means you have the space for a little friendly competition.

Get it for your own backyard wedding:

Our customized Cornhole Game boards are the perfect way to encourage guests to interact and have fun with your wedding. They can choose team bride or team groom, and see who wins! For spring or summer outdoor wedding receptions, cornhole boards are a huge crowd pleaser as far as wedding games go! If you want to give your guests options, look at these Yard Domino and Yard Yahtzee games from Maydby on Etsy! Not only are these games fun for you and your guests, but they are also beautiful and can be seamlessly incorporated into any wedding decor!

Why we love it: Customizable and Entertaining


    Add a personal touch to your wedding by including your pet! Our wooden signs are an awesome way to decorate outdoors.

    Get it for your own backyard wedding:

    You'll have the cutest little greeter with this Wood Pet Letter Board Sign by Miss Design Berry! If the flower collar isn't fitting for your little man, try our alternative design, a dapper gentleman in a bow tie, or dress up your bar with our Wood Signature Cocktail Sign! All of our signs are printed and cut out of our amazing light-weight wood and will remain amazing home decor after your event!

    Why we love it: Fun and Personal



      Backyard Wedding Confetti Poppers

      Every party needs to end with a bang, or a pop! Using confetti party poppers will create an exit you’ll always remember, and be the most epic photo on your wedding day.

      Get it for your own backyard wedding:

      These Petal Party Poppers from Dried Petal Co on Etsy are 100% biodegradable so that your wedding can be beautiful and eco-friendly! These party poppers can be personalized with your message, and your wedding colors. If you don’t want poppers, think about loose confetti to hand out for your guests like this Confetti Pack from Jamboree Party Box on Etsy. No matter what you choose, it will look amazing in photos!

      Why we love it: Interactive and Memorable



      Funky Florals for Backyard Wedding

      In my opinion, you can never have enough flowers at a wedding! Flowers are the most exciting do-it-yourself upgrades you can do to make your wedding your own!

      Get it for your own backyard wedding:

      You can upgrade simple arrangements with buckets like these Cute Tin Vases from The Knot. Add them to any table or line the aisle with them to give you that wow factor. If you don’t like the galvanized metal look, they also have this ADORABLE Enamel Pitcher that will fit in with any decor! Looking for something a little more funky? There are plenty of beautiful artificial flower options out there like these Paper Flowers from Ling’s Moment, or these Wood Bouquets from Wood Flowers. The best about these artificial flowers, is that unlike real flowers, these will last a lifetime.

      Why we love it: Endless Possibilities!



      Customizable Wedding Welcome Sign

      A wedding entrance sets the tone for your whole wedding. Your guests can get the feel for your decor in an instant!

      Get it for your own backyard wedding:

      Start it off right with this simple and elegant Wedding Welcome sign. Complete the look by framing it in one of our handcrafted wood frames and setting it on one of our high-quality easels. Complete the entry table with this Love Marquee Sign and a fun Wedding Guest Book Alternative from Miss Design Berry. These pieces are simple yet elegant sign, and all of them will look stunning in your home after your wedding, as the perfect forever keepsake.

      Why we love it: Unique and Classy



      Wedding s'mores backyard

      Who doesn’t love a good s’more? Another perk to a backyard wedding is the freedom to have your own campfire!

      Get it for your own backyard wedding:

      You can get a S’mores Kit like this one from Reclaim and Refurbish on Etsy to really bring some fun to your dessert table. You can choose to ditch the Sterno flames in the middle and set up a campfire with this Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit from Wayfair. Put your it in a cozy corner with plenty of trees. You can then wrap string lights on the trees in order to create that mood lighting you’re searching for. These extra-long, Fairy String Lights from Perigold will give your wedding that beautiful warm glow you are looking for.

      Why we love it: Rustic and Delicious


      10. COZY SPACES

      Cozy Spaces for Backyard Wedding

      If you really want to encourage your guests to get comfortable and cozy, you can create an outdoor lounge area. The best part is that you can get thrifty with it!

      Get it for your own backyard wedding:

      You can use furniture you have, borrow from friends, search for used furniture, or contact a furniture rental company near you to get everything you need to create a cozy space for your guests! If you are in the market for new furniture anyway, something like this Velvet Flared Arm Sofa from Wayfair would look amazing at your wedding and in your home after! Pair it with some pillows like these Fuzzy Plush Throw Pillows from World Market. If you are looking for something even more rustic, you could use hay bales! Cover them with blankets and pillows for extra comfort and you’re all set to party all day and all night!

      Why we love it: Cozy and Comfortable


      In the end, there is no place like home, and to have your wedding there will create lasting memories forever. We hope you feel prepared now to plan the backyard wedding of your dreams!


      • Cindy Sherwood

        Can’t wait to plan my virtual guest book with you! Loved your backyard ideas.

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