4 Places to Create a Wedding Wall in Your Home

Your wedding is over, now what? It’s time to create a wedding wall in your home using the most sentimental elements from your day

After your wedding day, there are so few physical items left that you get to use again or display in your home

We always say that our artwork is more than a piece to display at just your wedding!

Our artwork is a piece that represents your wedding day, yes, but it’s also meant to be displayed and cherished in your home for years and years to come!

The fun part is, you get to decide which area of your home you will both enjoy it in.

One thing we love is when our couples use their wedding art as a focal piece to create a wedding wall in their home!

So how do you effectively create a wedding wall in your home after your wedding? And how do you know which room to choose to create your display?

Deciding on the right place to create a wedding wall in your home is a hugely personal decision! It’s more involved than just selecting the right hooks and frames.

Do you want your items to be on display for everyone who walks over the threshold of your home? Or do you want it to be something more personal, just for your eyes only?

Re-reading the well wishes of the people you love the most each and every day reminds you that they are always there with you. Even if they are not physically present, it’s an amazing reminder of their love for you as a couple.

We are walking you through 4 places in your home to create your own wedding wall and the impact each location makes on your cherished wedding day memories in your day-to-day life!

1. In Your Entryway

Welcome home!

At the end of a long day, there is nothing quite like walking into the door of your home. 

Letting out that sigh of relief and knowing that you just left the noise of the outside world behind you, and feeling the stress of the day melt away.

That feeling all starts when you step over the threshold and into the entryway of your house!

Big or small, we all have that place near the front door that we drop our keys and take off our shoes.

Creating a wedding wall in your entryway is a fun way to feel welcomed home and to remember that you are in your happy place!

For this area of your home, we recommend displaying your Wedding Ceremony Sign, and your Wedding Guestbook Alternative!

Do you have a small entryway?

Display your wedding art above an entryway shelf with hooks or a key rack, like This One perfect to surround it with wedding photos and yourcustom Pet Illustration

Do you have a larger-sized entryway?

Display your wedding artwork above your buffet or sideboard with mix and match framed mirrors.

2. In your Living/Family Room

Do you call it the living room or your family room?

This is the spot in your home where the messy bun hangs out with fuzzy slippers and yoga pants. The zero judgment room!

The great thing about deciding to create a wedding wall in your living room is that you can leave plenty of room to expand on it later!

What begins as your wedding wall can evolve into your dream life wall.

Maybe that looks like adding on to your wall with baby announcements, adventurous photos of your travels together, or year-to-year mementos from your marriage and family life.

It’s a beautiful way of showcasing your entire life together, especially when paired with a cute metal Wall Sign.

It’s also a great way to have one area of your home that’s always evolving and an area where you can really let your creative side come out to play!

If the living room is where it’s at for your wedding wall then start in the dead center of your chosen wall and work your way out.

Choose one central piece of artwork that draws your eye, to serve as the focal point.

We recommend using your Wedding Guestbook Alternative, your Wedding Ceremony Sign and your custom Pet Illustration!

After hanging your focal point, begin building out your wedding wall with your favorite photos from your wedding day.

If you are going for a full gallery wall, remember to put your framed photos both above & below your focal point, not just to the left or right of it!

This will create a sort of abstract chronological branch for all of your memories together!

3. Your Bedroom

This one is for the romantics at heart! 

Creating a wedding wall in your bedroom allows you to display items that are more private and intimate.

It’s a great way of displaying your wedding art but keeping it shuttered away from the eyes of house guests and making it a little bit more romantic.

If you’re creating a wedding wall in your bedroom we recommend displaying your Wedding Guestbook Alternative along with your Save The Dates!

Remember that feeling you had when you first got engaged, or when you said your wedding vows?

A wedding wall in your bedroom should aim to reignite those feeling for both of you!

That means choosing items to display beside your wedding art such as your engagement announcements, engagement photos, and your vows with Custom Canvases.

You can have your wedding vows digitized in calligraphy and framed to hang beside your wedding art like these Custom Canvases. How romantic is that?!

If your couple style is a bit more on the spicy side, hang your wedding art beside those boudoir photos you had taken as a gift for your fiance!

Your wedding wall can go directly above the headboard of your bed or on the wall behind your dresser.

4. In The Dining Room 

Are you a couple that loves to entertain?

We’re talking game nights, charcuterie boards, wine flowing, and heaps of laughter from having your friends huddled around the dining room table!

Then creating your wedding wall in your dining room is where you can have some fun!

Displaying items from your wedding in an area where you entertain guests is a great way to spark fun conversations like these customizable towels.

You get to relive your wedding day memories with your inner circle with conversations that start out with ‘Hey did you catch Uncle so & so on the dance floor that night’!?

Creating a wedding wall in your dining room?

We recommend breaking out those fun Cocktail & Bar Signs paired with your Cocktail Napkins, and your Wedding Guestbook Alternative for your focal points!

If you really want to kick your game night up a few notches, recreate the signature cocktails from your wedding for your game night guests to enjoy!

Do you need inspiration for creating a wedding wall in your home? Follow us along on Instagram @missdesignberry for even more tips and tricks!!

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