A Virtually Affordable Destination Wedding

How surreal would a destination wedding be?! I mean it was my dream as a little girl, but as I got older it just didn’t seem possible, you know a college student budget just doesn’t cut it when you only have enough to cater top ramen. After doing some research I have come to realize that it is not only possible but totally doable. A destination wedding should be effortless, painless, and straight to the point so let's get right to it. Here are some virtual wedding accommodations that will “suit” you and your guests perfectly.

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1. Virtual Invitations

We all know how much we love getting paper invitations and keeping them on our fridge for years to follow, but I hate that feeling when your hand cramps after writing out five addresses. Come to us and we can send it all prepped and ready to go to your door so that all you have to do is stamp and send. Let’s keep it easy so that the weeks and days leading up to your wedding are all about you!

Get it for your wedding: 

Miss Design Berry will allow you to customize your own invitation with our Ella Invitation Suite and have one tailored just for you and your needs, and don’t forget to add your favorite fur baby!

Why We Love it: Convenient, Unique, Special

MDB Registry

2. All Inclusive Registry

While wanting to travel for a destination wedding, it means that you and your guests luggage will have limited space, no bride wants a wrinkled wedding dress because you had to pack that toaster on the way home. I find it pretty awesome that you can create a list of clickable links for your guests to order that special something and have it sent right to your front door. This allows for more room in their luggage for a couple backup wedding outfits to look their very best on your special day.

Get it for your wedding: 

The Knot has it all at a click of a finger. They will help you consolidate all of your favorite gifts into one location to make it easier for your quests. They will track your gifts and allow for a place for cash funds if you want to go that route to help for that amazing honeymoon. 

Why We Love it: Favorable, Self-explanatory, Helpful


MDB Virtual Guestbook

3. Virtual Guest Book

I have heard that the appeal of having a destination wedding is having only a select few guests. This allows for a more intimate setting, no one wants to see your great aunt twice removed on the beach in a bikini with you! With this being said, I know you have others that can’t be there but want to congratulate you. A virtual guest book allows for the guests that can’t make it to say a little something special on your special day. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Whether you want a handwritten note or typed, we have you covered. At Miss Design Berry, our Digital Signature Guest Book Service can create the perfect alternative guest book portrait that will hold all those special messages from your quests forever.

Why We Love it: Easy, Special, Unique

 MDB Love Stream

4. Virtual Wedding

You have finally made it to your destination with those special guests to celebrate you. After arriving you may get a few messages from those family members or friends that couldn’t make it but wish they were there. So let's set up a few phones and give them a clickable link to watch the ceremony at home, allowing them to have a “dress code optional.”

Get it for your wedding: 

We want your wedding day to be painless. Love Stream asks that wherever you are you set up a few phones and they will take care of the rest. From customizing the view and sending out a link to the guests that couldn’t make it to your wedding.

Why We Love it: Clickable, Functional, Stress-Free



5. Virtual DJ

Is it just me or does music set the perfect mood. No party is complete without a good cha-cha slide, am I dating myself?! Gets you and your guests out of their seats and dancing the night away. Let’s create a custom playlist with all your do’s and don’ts alongside your virtual DJ.

Get it for your wedding: 

I have done some research and have found an actual DJ Will Gill who is famous for what he does. He will zoom in and allow guests online and in person enjoy his beats. Another option would be a premium spotify membership that allows you and your significant other to customize your playlist and project it over the loudspeakers yourself. If you need more ideas for keeping the party going, visit Destination Wedding Details to find an in-person DJ who is authentic to your destination.

Why We Love it: Creative, Enjoyable, Party-worthy

Your destination wedding should feel exactly like what it is...a vacation. Allow your little girl dreams to come true with the perfect wedding on a beach at sunset. We created this short list of ideas to make your life more stress-free and enjoyable on your special day. I will do my best to live out my dream through you. You got it girl!


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