After-Party Decor

Let’s turn up that music and start dancin’! Imagine your special day went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful ceremony with a perfectly lit backdrop and perfectly written vows. You both said “I Do” without running for the hills and you just changed out of your little too tight wedding dress into something more comfortable. The sun is setting, the wine is ready to pour, and you just entered the evening portion of your wedding day. With everything else so perfect, don’t settle for anything less than perfection for your after-party decor.

Welcome Sign

1. Wedding Welcome Sign

First impressions are everything, am I right? A custom wedding sign with your special date can create just that. Have all your guests walk in reassured that they are at the right after party or create that perfect invite for more to join the party with this welcome sign. From this point forward, only laughter, fun, dancing, and too much drinking is welcomed.

Get it for your wedding: 

Choose from a variety of signs with simple lettering, watercoloring, to a custom portrait.

Why We Love it: Customizable, Fun, Impressionable


2. Custom Napkins

Every party requires a bar, every bar requires a drink, and every drink requires a custom napkin. A custom napkin makes your after party unique, different, and one to remember. It is another great way to show off your beautiful dress..I mean it did cost a fortune, let's make sure no one forgets it.

Get it for your wedding: 

Feature your Pet of Honor, Custom Portrait with Hobbies, or a more Casual Portrait at your cocktail bar. 

Why We Love it: Different, Essential, Important

Cake Topper

3. Cake Topper

Don’t cut corners when you’re about to cut the cake. A custom cake topper can be a fun and easy way to draw your guests to marvel at the beautiful cake. Cutting the wedding cake as a new couple is a staple to every after party. But you choose if you want to do a cake smash or a clean shot to each other's mouth.

Get it for your wedding: 

Include whomever or whatever you want with these Custom Wood Cake Toppers, then after the wedding, have it as a keepsake forever.

Why We Love it: Classy, Keepsake, Treasure


4. Pet Portrait Stickers

Another fun way to feature your fur babies at your after party is through these adorable and affordable stickers. Favors go a long way and something simple will do just fine, but making it more personable with a custom sticker makes those guests feel like you went the extra mile. If not for favors, what about a welcome bag or special gift?

Get it for your wedding: 

Pick your favorite between a Pet Portrait Sticker or Couples Portrait Sticker to make any easy gift look more unique.

Why We Love it: Affordable, Different, Special


5. Portrait Cocktail Coasters

If you’re on the fence about the use of a cocktail napkin, then jump right on over for these custom coasters. These will keep your guests talking about your after party for weeks to follow. They may even steal one to take home and use next to their favorite chair while watching TV...I mean who wouldn’t, they are adorable!

Get it for your wedding: 

These Portrait Cocktail Coasters would be a fun keepsake to use at your new home.

Why We Love it: Fun, Useful, Affordable


6. Wedding Snapchat Filter

I know I don’t get out much but when I do, I have never seen a custom wedding filter for pictures like this one. What a sweet touch for you and your guests. This is something also very useful for those moments your friend may post a picture of you but catches an unflattering side. So for your peace of mind, you can be reassured you have a perfect picture underneath as a filter.

Get it for your wedding: 

We can meet whatever your preference may be with a simple Snapchat Filter featuring Portrait, or Snapchat Filter featuring Champagne Pop.

Why We Love it: Entertaining, Witty, Interesting


7. Chalkboard Wedding Banner

Here is a fun way to feature your pet “congratulating” you on your special day. This should not only be featured at your after party but also kept as decoration for your new home together. Let’s feature your fur baby to make it a family affair.

Get it for your wedding: 

The Chalkboard Wedding Banner with Dog Portrait will be the perfect addition to make your party “lit.”

Why We Love it: Memento, Amusing, Keepsake


8. Wedding Portrait Coozies

Don’t let the party get “cold.” Keep the cold contained with these custom coozies. They feature you and your partner's best side and can be kept for those future strong may need one later on in marriage.

Get it for your wedding: 

This is a great alternative to a favor for your guests. Just let them take a Custom Portrait Wedding Coozie home to enjoy.

Why We Love it: Givable, Different, Loveable 

Your wedding was perfect, let’s make sure your after party is the same. There is no need to make the party end. The best way to keep it bumpin is through these fun and unique decorations. My favorite saying is “The party never ends,” make that true with customizable favors.


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