Alternate Options for Flowers in Your Wedding

Whether you're allergic to flowers, eco-friendly, on a budget, or simply not a fan, it is completely okay to forgo flowers on your wedding day. From personal experience, it can be a headache transporting fresh flowers to and from venues. Between finding appropriate cooler sizes to praying for eight extra arms to carry them, flowers can be a pain. From bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, to non-floral decor ideas.


1. Feathers

Who knew feathers could be good for anything other than fluffy pillows! Feathers are an affordable option when it comes to a wedding bouquet or even table decor. With its vintage feel it creates a more Great Gatsby style wedding, where the party never ends.

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“Float” on over to this Bridal Feather Fan etsy shop to get your very own feather bouquet.

Why We Love it: Light, Budget-Friendly, Versatile


2. Balloons

With their “light and airy” feel, balloons say we are looking to have a modern wedding. They photograph well, matching any color theme you have set in mind. Options of single balloons to bouquets, you can use them personally and as decor, making it a unique option in place of fresh flowers.

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Our Favorite Ways to Use Balloons at a Wedding gives you 26 more ideas of fun filled balloons at your wedding.

Why We Love it: Trendy, Modern, Fun


3. Bouquet of Brooches 

Anyone remember going to grandma's house to admire her “brooch” collection? I fancied the oldest ones I could find. Using them as a bouquet on your wedding day is a great alternative to flowers. Talking about vintage and modern options, I feel brooches can go either way. 

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Look here to buy your Silver Crystal Brooch Bouquet.

Why We Love it: Classy, Stunning, Unique

Custom Portrait

4. Custom Portrait featuring Flowers

Let’s now look at some alternative uses of flowers with wedding decor. Buying a custom portrait of bride and groom allows you to feature the flower bouquet of your dreams without the expense of fresh flowers. While flowers die or dry, this portrait can be used as a timeless piece for you and your home.

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Chat with Miss Design Berry expert designers to create a flower feature just for you.

Why We Love it: Reusable, Beautiful, Custom

Cotton and Wheat

5. Cotton/Wheat 

Assuming no one is allergic to either, cotton and wheat are a beautiful wedding decor option. It can also be used as bouquets and boutonnieres if you’re going for that country look but as table decor it can look chic without the country. Cotton or wheat will create a warm and muted look, variety of shape and texture, longer-lasting with less fragrance. 

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Check out Happy Wed for more beautiful wheat or cotton wedding decor.

Why We Love it: Warm, Inviting, Muted

Floral Linens

6. Floral Linens

Not a fussy or messy kind of gal, stick with flower accents on the table linens for eye-popping decor. If your focus is to allow guests to chat away while eating, this will allow for no centerpiece distractions. Floral linens will still give the elegant feel of flowers in your wedding.

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For a lace floral linen, check out this 5-pack of budget friendly White Linen Table Overlay.

Why We Love it: Clean, Elegant, Simple

With so many options, there is no need to stress over not wanting flowers at the wedding. Have fun with what makes you happiest, it’s  your day after all! Surprise your guests with brooches to balloons. 


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