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Happy Friday! I hope that, like me, you guys are all starting to finally experience spring time weather! Here in NYC we have had a few beautiful days! Brie the beagle and I have been slowing extending our walks in Central Park, and I am not complaining! 

We get so many questions about who we are, how our process works, and what goes into creating the custom designs for our clients, so I thought I would answer some of our most popular questions today! 

Q: Who is Miss Design Berry?
A: Me! Kristin Berry Mastoras

I started Miss Design Berry (as a side project) when I was fresh out of school and hustling hard to make ends meet in New York. After a few years in the advertising world I made the leap to focusing on Miss Design Berry full time, and I haven't look back since! 

Q: Where are you located?
A: Everywhere! but also nowhere ... sort of.

So, as some of you might know, I am located in New York City part time, and in Southampton the rest of the time. Miss Design Berry does not have one physical office or storefront that our team works from, we are actually spread out across the country! We do have a core group of ladies in New York city that work together some days, and other days we work remotely! 

Q: How do you guys create the custom portrait artwork? 
A: Magic! Just kidding (but also not...)

To understand how we are able to create such detailed and customized designs, you must first understand our incredible designers. Miss Design Berry has the absolute best designers, who have not only insane illustration skills, but are just lovely humans in general. 

Each design is created digitally using our unique illustration processes and state of the art illustration software. We choose to create all of our illustrations digitally so that we are able to make any changes our clients request at lightning speed. Our designers take the reference photos that you provide us (after you purchase), along with all the rest of the details you provide, and combine all of that into your totally custom work of art.

Q: Ok, but what if I don't have photos of us in our wedding outfits? Our wedding hasn't happened yet.
A: No problem! It's what we do! 

Our designers take photos you provide of each person, and the links or images of the outfits you plan on wearing for your wedding day, and use all of that information to create one beautiful portrait. 

Q: I know you suggest purchasing early, but I don't have all of our details finalized yet. Can I still purchase?
A: Yes! 

We strongly suggest that all of our clients purchase early - whether to take advantage of our 6 + month earlybird promotion, or just to check some items off your wedding to-do list early. When you purchase before having all of your details finalized, we will just place a temporary hold on the design process for you.

Then, as soon as you have all your details ready, and fill out your customization form, we will get started on your design.

Q: I love my portrait artwork, is there other stuff I can use it on?
A: HECK yes! 

The best way to find out about all of the fun items you can create with your portrait artwork is to live chat with one of our consultants! We are on all the time and love nothing more than chatting with brides-to-be! Some of the most popular items that clients like to reuse their portrait artwork for are snapchat filters and thank you cards!

What questions do you have? Comment below, and we will be back next Friday to answer more of our FAQ's! Want answers now? Click the live chat button below and chat with us now! 





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