Calling All Pet Lovers: Pet Portrait Design!

Calling All Pet Lovers: Pet Portrait Design!
Feb 22 2017

Calling all pet-lovers, this one’s for you! For many pet owners, your dog or cat are like another member of the family. They are an all important part of your life and you can’t imagine what you’d do without them.  So why not show off how much you love your pet with one of the fun ideas below! At Miss Design Berry, we just love including your pets in your designs. And here's the best part...once you've purchased a pet portrait, you can then purchase other items and reuse the same portrait with no additional design fees!


Enjoy your morning cup of joe in one of these custom mugs, featuring a custom pet portrait of your dog or cat! We create the illustration using photos you provide. This makes an awesome gift for any pet lover. You can choose the fonts and color for the pet's name featured below their illustration. Buy here!

Personalized Pet Portrait Mug | Miss Design Berry


Find a special spot in your home or office to display this custom pet portrait featuring an illustrated portrait of your pet or pets, as well their name. You can customize any and all details including colors, fonts, and print size. Shop now!Custom Pet Portrait Art Print | Miss Design Berry


For pet lovers, no family portrait is complete without the family dog or cat! Let us design a custom family portrait featuring illustrations of each member of your family - people and pets! The illustrations are done based on photos you send us, so we can make them look just like you, and we can customize the wording to say whatever you would like! Find out more here!Illustrated Couple Portrait Art Print | Miss Design Berry


Getting married soon or having a big party? It might be tough to include your beloved pet in your actual event. But you can have your furry friends there in spirit by including their portrait on a custom guestbook, welcome sign or signature cocktail sign!  We have collaborated with our customers to come up with so many fun and unique designs. What will you dream up? Shop here!Illustrated Signature Cocktails Sign | Miss Design Berry

A Fun Giveaway!

This week we are happy to be teaming up with Kelley DiGioia who certainly classifies as a pet-lover! She has two gorgeous pups, Millie and Grace, who have become an Instagram sensation!  We recently designed a pair of mugs for Kelley and her fiance Joe, and in her words, she’s “so beyond obsessed with these mugs it's not even funny!”  That is definitely the kind of response you want to hear from a design client!Millie and Grace | Miss Design Berry

Millie and Grace | Miss Design Berry

Be sure to come back Friday for a Freebie that pet lovers won't be able to resist!


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