Decor for your Formal (or informal) Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is a fun way for the couple to thank those that have played a special part in their lives. Along with the toast of thank yous, this dinner is a way to get the kinks out of your wedding day ceremony. We can make sure to tell Aunt Sally to keep the drinks to a minimum and the groomsmen from being an embarrassment down the aisle. Keep the rehearsal unique to your personality, whether you want to go formal or informal, we have some tricks for you to make it a stress free rehearsal dinner.


1. Cocktail Menu

You can’t have a party without a drink for the boring parts. With a custom menu, you can feature your fur babies that may not be able to attend. You can print them off small for a more formal setting or a big sign for an informal look.

Get it for your wedding: 

From Chalkboard, Acrylic, or Wood you can find your perfect Signature Cocktail Sign here.

Why We Love it: Custom, Unique, Important

Food Truck

2. Informal Food Trucks

A new 2021 trend making a big scene are food trucks. They aren’t for everyone, especially if you are going for a more formal look, but for a light and easy party outing these make a dinner rehearsal a breeze. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Whether you want tacos, BBQ, ice-cream, or chinese you can find any truck in your location with Roaming Hunger.

Why We Love it: Easy, Convenient, Fun

Place Setting

3. Formal place setting

For a formal rehearsal dinner, the place setting is everything, down to the right amount of forks and spoons, to the color of the napkin. Taking the time to set a formal place setting shows your guests just how much you care. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Understanding the logic behind a formal table setting, will make it all less intimidating. With Martha Stewart's slideshow, not only will you know how to set a table, you will know how to use it correctly.

Why We Love it: Informative, Classy, Formal

Welcome Sign

4. Custom Welcome Sign

Nothing gives a bigger welcome than a custom welcome sign. Especially one featuring the special couple and their fur baby, hobbies, or with a scenic background. A wedding line is quickly leaving due to the uncomfortable nature of shaking hands, but a welcome sign is perfect to replace that at a rehearsal dinner AND for the next day ceremony. 

Get it for your wedding: 

This Full Portrait Wedding Welcome Sign is totally reusable. We encourage you to use it at the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and then the entryway of your new home.

Why We Love it: Reusable, Statement, Sentimental


5. Slideshow Entertainment

Entertainment can be hard during a rehearsal dinner, but nothing is worse than awkward silence. Find someone tech-savvy in your family and have them create a slideshow of you and your partner's lives leading up to this moment. With music playing behind, this is a great way to take care of entertainment and music at the same time.

Get it for your wedding: 

If everyone already has jobs for the wedding, look to Picture This Organized to create your custom slideshow.

Why We Love it: Entertaining, Special, Eye-Catching


6. Rehearsal Menu/Programs

Make it a little more personal with these custom menus and programs. This allows you and those you invite to have a little keepsake to remember your epic rehearsal dinner by. Wouldn’t these look just so cute in a scrapbook?! Whether you need a menu or a program, this allows for your rehearsal to stay on track and not last a lifetime.

Get it for your wedding: 

You can order custom pieces such as these rehearsal menus, wedding programs, etc at Miss Design Berry through email or a live chat.

Why We Love it: Fun, Organized, Artistic

A rehearsal dinner is as formal or informal as you and your partner want to make it. Make it as unique as you are with an outdoor BBQ, seaside bonfire with smores, or a backyard party featuring different food trucks. These tips and tricks will make your rehearsal dinner go smoothly and will allow you to take a deep breath and enjoy the party.


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