Digital Signatures for Your Wedding Guestbook

Curious to know how you can collect digital signatures for your wedding guestbook?

Micro weddings and elopements are taking 2021 (and by the looks of it 2022) by storm.

Couples are navigating the new territory of how to still celebrate their love while having a safely distanced wedding.

Maybe a micro wedding or an elopement is not your style and you still want to have your unique wedding, in your vision, but with a pared-down physical guest list.

How do you do that while still honoring, and including all the people in your lives that you love, both near & far?

You ask for their written words of love, encouragement, and wisdom by capturing their digital signatures on your wedding guestbook!

We feel you scratching your head at this one, so let’s clear it up:

The signatures are digital but your guest book is not!

Isn’t the adaptation of technology to our current environment amazing?!

We ship you a stunning keepsake to hang at your event (and later in your home) that includes the digitally captured handwritten notes & well wishes from your friends and family.

Remember those wedding guest book kits at the party supply store that came with matching champagne flutes or a cake serving set?

Oh how far we’ve come!

Wondering how you can collect the digital signatures of your ‘technology challenged’ loved ones in your life when it comes to your wedding guestbook?

We’ve made it super easy for everyone and we are going to break it down step by step for you in this post!

  1. Go to the Miss Design Berry  shop >> here and select your design
  2. Before adding your selected wedding guest book alternative to your cart click the "add digital signatures" box
  3. We send you a custom link for you to share with your guests
  4. Once they have the link they can ‘sign’ your guest book through our one-step online form
  5. Or, your guests also have the option to create a handwritten note which can be uploaded to the one-step form

Crazy easy!

Your guests have the choice of:

Typing out their message to you directly within the form


Uploading a photo of a photo handwritten to you

We do the rest, including shipping you a gorgeous custom keepsake!

“But what if I want to collect digital signatures AND in-person signatures?”

Ok - super glad you asked because we get that question a lot!

We first collect the digital signatures using the same steps as above.

We print the digital signatures on your wedding guest book alternative.

But, we leave some open space so that you can display your wedding guestbook alternative for your in-person guests to sign!

You leave your wedding with the love of your life and a gorgeous custom keepsake wedding guest book alternative to hang in your home!

Want to grab some inspiration from our couples before you peep the shop? Check out Miss Design Berry on Instagram!


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