Finding the perfect man is easy, let's talk dresses

Finding the perfect man takes patience and perseverance. Trust me, I knew my husband for 5 years before we went on our first date… I exercised a LOT of patience… but once you find Mr. Right, it can take even more time to plan your dream wedding, and that includes finding the perfect dress. 

Now girls, I’ve been there… all the tulle and necklines, chiffon or satin, there are so many options that it’s hard to know exactly what you should be looking for, so we have put together this little cheat sheet for you to help with the search!


1. Dress Shapes

Find a dress shape that will make you feel confident and comfortable. If you are wanting to show off your hour-glass figure, a mermaid shape is fitted with a little “flair.” Similar to the mermaid, the trumpet dress shows off the hour-glass figure but allows for room to dance later on in the night. For a fairy tale wedding, the classic ball gown with a fitted top and poofy bottom is ready to hit the ballroom. Both the fit and flare and the A-line dress are slim on top, fitted through the waist, with a flair at the bottom making the hips look smaller. This shape looks great on almost all figures. Ballerina, also known as the tea length dress, is a short dress to show off the legs; it is great for a vintage themed wedding. Waterfall, also known as the high to low dress is modern and elevates the look of your legs. The sheath, with it’s high waist, can camouflage a short waist and heavy lower body. 


2. Dress Necklines

Starting off with the trending neckline would be the sweetheart. It creates an illusion of curves or enhances the ones you already have. Off-the-shoulder is elegant and will also take the focus off of wider hips. The straight neckline is similar to the sweetheart but provides more coverage. Add a necklace of jewels and it will draw the eyes up away from the hips. Brides with a fuller chest have success with the v-neckline that will also lengthen the overall style. Interestingly enough the illusion neckline also creates a lengthening style for a more reserved bride, but not very functional for a busy bride. A boatneck is great for a high or low bun hairstyle while being overall an elegant look.

Waist Shapes

3. Dress Waist Shapes

It’s time to shake what your mama gave you. The right waistline will enhance and emphasize your natural silhouette. Empire is situated underneath the bustline to hide a tummy. A V shape or “basque” waistline is also slimming and is forgiving to the hips. Dropped waistline is a vintage look, elongating a short waist. Princess waistlines are vertical which naturally slims the waist. The natural waistline is classic and looks good on most bodies. Last but not least is the asymmetrical waistline that will make your hips look smaller.


4. Dress Trains

If you are looking for a no-fuss option a floor dress with no train would suit you best. It is great for a beach or outdoor wedding, and especially for a clumsy bride who doesn't want to trip into “I Do”.A sweep train is a subtle way to add a little flair. It is great for an outside wedding and looks best on a mermaid or trumpet style dress. With its narrow train, a court style is best for an indoor wedding. The watteau will make a dramatic statement when you walk down the aisle, starting at the shoulders down to the hem, it gives off a Grecian feel. The most common choice of train is the chapel, adding just enough drama to an A-style dress. Cathedral trains are great for a black tie wedding, very formal, and look best on ball gowns.


5. Veil or No Veil

A traditional veil would be the blusher, that is used to cover the bride's face until she reaches the altar. Maybe the most common veil is the fingertip, reaching to mid-body, elongating your overall look. The chapel veil is longer, creates a slightly more dramatic feel, but overall is not long enough to be dirtied by the ground. For a regal entrance, a cathedral veil extends beyond the train of the dress, and is most often used with royalty.


6. Picking the right Guestbook

At Miss Design Berry, you can create a custom alternative guestbook. One that you can treasure forever. Now talking dresses, you may want to change up your portrait to be back-facing to show off the intricate detail put into beads, lace, or a veil. A traditional guestbook will feature the couples portrait from the front and really show off the perfect neckline, jewelry, or belt.

Dress upgrades

7. Now let’s talk dress upgrade

If you have gone a more simple route on picking a wedding dress, more power to you. A simple wedding dress with little embellishments won't need to “upgrade” their custom portrait. A dress with an intricate lace bodice or train and button details would be considered intricate detailing. If you want to include these details, you will need to purchase an upgrade for your personalized dress portrait.

This cheat sheet will give you details from what dress fits what venue, down to the best hairstyle with a certain neckline. Don’t let this process overwhelm you. Circle your must haves from this sheet, print it out, and take it with you to not forget a thing while shopping for your perfect wedding dress.


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