How to Include Every Type of Pet on Your Wedding Day

Your pet may come in all different shapes and sizes. Let’s be honest, I come in many shapes and sizes and feel I should be celebrated; we can at least do the same for our pets. Although wedding days are ALL about the bride… and okay maybe the groom... our pets come in a close second. From large 24x36 canvas portraits to a small 4x4 custom napkin, all of our pets, from the largest horse to the smallest turtle, should be honored on the biggest day of our lives.

Cocktail Sign

1. Signature Cocktails

Make sure to stand out above the crowd with this custom cocktail sign. I have never been brave enough to have a snake as a pet but I admire all those that do. For that reason, ssshow off that slick friend alongside a yummy drink. Now turtles I could get on board with.

Get it for your wedding: 

The Chalkboard Signature Cocktail Sign featuring Two Pets will become the talk of the night. Whether it is the adorable pet on the sign or yummy cocktail itself, it will be a night to remember.

Why We Love it: Fun, Unique, Keepsake

Save the Dates

2. Save the Date

Let’s be honest...would a unique “save the date” like this one not be on your fridge for weeks following the wedding? It would be on MINE! Featuring all and any of your quirky pets would definitely catch the eye of your guests. It would ensure your guests NOT forget to attend or even bring a cracker for Polly and a gift for you!

Get it for your wedding: 

Your save the date will set the tone for your entire wedding. Let’s show your guests what a special and unique treat they are in for with a Wedding Save the Date Wedding Portrait.

Why We Love it: Important, Unforgettable, Fun

Alternative Guestbook

3. Alternative Guestbook

No animal is too big or too small for our custom alternative guestbook! From galloping pets to flying animals or scampering ones, we can make them the highlight of your wedding. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Okay so we have made sure to include your special and unique pets but what about your special and unique talents? Our Wedding Guest Book Alternative with Hobby Portrait can include it all!

Why We Love it: Funny, Special, Different

Custom Napkins

4. Cocktail Napkins

If you are like me and wanting to include your pet in all ways possible at your wedding, then cocktail napkins would be perfect. You can make your cocktails even more sassy and classy with this customizable print! 

Get it for your wedding: 

Allow your unique pet to say “I Do Too,” with Pet of Honor Wedding Cocktail Napkins.

Why We Love it: Shareable, Inclusive, Different

Welcome Sign Wedding

5. Pet of Honor Wedding Sign

This is a great way to include your special friend when they are unable to be at your wedding. This featured at the door will let your guests know that your family doesn’t just end with you and your newly wed, but rather with those fur friends at home.

Get it for your wedding: 

Pet of Honor Wedding Sign from Miss Design Berry is totally tailored to fit your specific needs!

Why We Love it: Keepsake, Customizable, Enjoyable

Cake Topper

6. Cake Topper featuring Pet

I have yet to see a more personal cake topper that looks this good on the internet. Your pet may not be able to enjoy the cake (since it might make them sick) but at least they can look AMAZING sitting on top!

Get it for your wedding: 

Whether you need it right now with a Digital Portrait Cake Topper or with a little more time a Wood Cake Topper we here at Miss Design Berry have you covered.

Why We Love it: Fun, Different, Special

Lost Loved Ones

7. Honoring Lost Loved Ones

We all have pets who have gone to the great big barnyard in the sky. They will never be forgotten, and should be remembered and honored on your wedding day. With this perfect little halo, be sure to let us know you’d like to honor your heavenly pet in your portrait!

Get it for your wedding: 

Our In Loving Memory Remembrance Sign is perfect for any loved one who has passed, but of course, with any of our designs, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to add a halo to your pet! 

Why We Love it: Sentimental, unique, and beautiful

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and we know your pet is there for every other big moment, so let’s make them a focal point of your big day. For everything that gallops, flies, creeps, or crawls, let us bring your pet to life in your custom portrait. 

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