How to make an amazing hobby guestbook

May the Fourth be with you! Okay, before you hit that back button, hear me out… it is Star Wars Day, and the only reason I know that is because my husband is a huge nerd… BUT star wars doesn’t have to be your ‘thing’. Our hobby guestbook is completely versatile and it is also one of our favorite guestbook alternatives to design with you! 

It may be intimidating to design this completely custom work of art, but we are here to help you every step of the way! We have compiled a few tips on how to get started, complete with a few of our favorite designs. Take a peek at Tania and Steve!

First, Think about you and your partner

To start, it’s easy! You just need to think about you, think about your partner, and think about your relationship together because our hobby guestbook has one ultimate goal and that is to embody you and your partner, and what you both love. Brainstorm things you love, things your partner loves, and things you both love, and we’ll combine them in a beautiful, clever way!

While you’re brainstorming, take a look at some of our favorite categories...


What do you like to watch?

There are so many Binge worthy tv shows out there, that couples actually netflixing while they chill! If you have a favorite movie or tv show, let us know! We can dress you up, surround you with friends, and even put you in your favorite scene!

Do you have a special meal, drink, or snack?

Everything from pizza to margaritas and tacos, we’ve heard it all! If you have a favorite meal or snack, we’ll draw you (daintily, of course) stuffing your face! 

Are you an athletic couple?

Canoe for two please? Whether you like to kayak, bike, or river raft… we can draw it for you! Hmmm river rafting… that would make an amazing guestbook, don’t you think?

How about traveling, do you love it?

Want another stamp in your passport? If you have a favorite vacation spot, or simply like to get lost on vacation anywhere… we’ve got guestbooks that will take you all around the world and back again… and it will cost significantly less. 


Are you an avid gamer?

What is it about a joystick and a d-pad that can captivate people for hours on end? No really, my husband won’t tell me... Well we can capture you in virtual reality, and believe it or not, they turn out pretty dang cute! 

What about boys and their toys?

Mustang Sally baby, we LOVE to draw cars, trucks and motorcycles, so if your man has a baby… send a photo to us, and we’ll do her justice! Just, don’t forget to add something you love too!

Can you hear the music?

Whether you both play instruments, or you are just really good at karaoke, we can draw you rocking out with your bandmate til death do you part.

Is there anything greater than the great outdoors?

If you love to pack it all up and take it to the woods, we’ve got you covered! Whether you love hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping, we’ve drawn it all! Just don’t forget to pack the toilet paper.

Let’s have a chat!

If you are still struggling to find ideas, fear not! Our live chat feature is open 24/7 and we can help you create an amazing hobby guestbook! Just remember that in the end, it is what you want… anything you want!

Now, let’s start designing!


  • Camille Martinez

    My son is graduating from the Air Force in August. The wedding is August 21. He will be a para rescuer. They do love the outdoors. biking, swimming, and hiking

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