How to pack your Wedding Day Survival Kit

There’s no crying over a little bit of spilt wine right… unless it’s on your wedding dress. Any seasoned bride can tell you how there’s always that one thing that goes wrong on the big day no matter how prepared you are. You pop a button on the dance floor, you forget to bring the command hooks, or there isn’t a knife in sight and you need to slice the limes… that last one hits a little too close to home… So, like a wise villain once said, ‘be prepared’. 

Packing a wedding survival kit will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way. Whether that is as easy as packing a few extra batteries for your flickering candles, or pulling a macgyver with a paperclip and a shoestring, having some of these emergency supplies at the venue can really save you… and your decor!

So, let’s get down to it. You have to expect the unexpected, especially on your wedding day, so put your mind at ease and pick someone you trust and have them strap on a fanny pack full of super glue. No, we’re not joking... though the actual fanny pack is negotiable. When packing your survival kit (which, let’s get real... it will look more like a weekender bag when we’re done) there are a few things you want to keep in mind!

So, find your favorite fanny, settle in with your notepad and a glass of your favorite wine, and let’s get started...

1. Pack Extra Pens

Friends and family travel far and wide to see you on your special day, and no matter how insecure they are about their handwriting, they want to tell you congratulations in the best way they can. Whether you have a traditional guest book or one of our Guestbook Alternatives, they need the perfect pen to write their best wishes, so ditch those ball point pens and get a good quality marker. Also, having an extra or two won’t hurt. Especially if you have a sister who could forget to pack them with the  wedding supplies, or a Great Uncle John who forgets to put the cap on and one dries out... trust me, you’ll be wishing you had that backup.

Get it for your wedding: 

Don’t worry we have done the work for you. Miss Design Berry’s Archival pens are the recommended pens for our matte paper and canvas prints. Our pen won’t bleed through or smear letting you read those special messages for years to come.

2. Super Glue

    Remember that fanny full of super glue? Yeah, I really wasn’t joking… You never know what can happen on your wedding day, so I say it is better to be safe than sorry! Did you know that super glue can fix a tear in a veil, a broken centerpiece, or even help you place that wedding glitter perfectly!? It is a small bottle, easily placed in your purse, and will ‘cure’ any ‘broken’ heart. Or at least stop those anxious tears on your wedding day… 

    Get it for your wedding:

    Any local store will carry exactly what you need, but feel free to pick up one bottle of gorilla super glue on amazon. OR if you really want to take our advice literally, get this twelve pack of super glue to fill that fanny! It might be overkill… but maybe not...


    3. Zip Ties

      Saggy string lights can put such a damper on your special day. Not to mention leave you in the dark when the dance party starts! Zip ties are inconspicuous, can hold heavy to light loads, and are quick to have on hand. Zip ties won’t damage other decor either, and if you pick your color carefully, hou won’t even see them! So, I guess we’ll zip it and let you go hang your wedding decor!

      Get it for your wedding:

      If you are hanging outdoor lights, head on over to the Wedding chicks blog and read their post with 5 Tips On How To Hang Outdoor String Lights. Then, grab this pack of zip ties just in case! With these tips and these ties, your wedding lighting will be ‘lit’!

      4. Extension Cord

        We all know what it’s like when the power goes out… it’s miserable… So, don’t forget to be plugged in on your wedding day. You may be surprised how often the venue's plugs for your decorations are inconveniently placed. But why be surprised when you can be prepared. Your lights, microphone, and fondue fountain will always be functioning with the right power strip! 

        Get it for your wedding:

        When picking an extension cord, there are a few things to consider. You can get them long, short or in-between. I would recommend getting them longer than you think you need, because there’s nothing worse than needing another 6 inches for the perfect placement of your karaoke machine! An extension cord also comes in many colors and you may even be able to find one in your palette, but there is white for good measure!


        5. Chalk

          Everyone is loving those chalkboard wedding signs! Whether you use them to label your buffet, welcome your guests, or mark which way to the restroom. Having said that, no one wants cheap chalk that breaks in your hand. Decorate your wedding tables with cute, trendy, chalkboard signs, and you only need the best chalk to write your message. 

          Get it for your wedding:

          Coming from a perfectionist, I suggest these Chalk Pen 8 Color Set. Unless you have a great grandmother who was a primary school teacher in the 1900s, writing with chalk is awkward and fallible. Pens are much more natural to write cursive with, and chalk Ink will not smear or wear off until removed with water. If you are looking for examples for how to decorate your chalkboard sign, head over to Deer Pearl Flower Blog and read their post with 40 chalkboard wedding ideas!

          6. Scissors

            Someone will need a pair of scissors... I promise. It may be for hanging lights, opening a box of decorations, cutting flowers, or even cutting limes in a pinch… you’ll find yourself needing a pair, so just go on and throw some in your survival kit. They are a must to keep things running smoothly.

            Get it for your wedding:

            The sewing kit scissors just won’t cut it so here are a pair of strong scissors that have a little feminine flair to them. Feel free to shop around for scissors that match your wedding theme. You know we love some good coordination!


            7. Bridal Kit

              We couldn’t forget about the one the show is all about. Not only should you pack extra concealer, mascara, and bobby pins, but there is an emergency kit just for you.  You spill on your dress? We got you. Nervous headaches? Advil will do the trick. Or maybe you ate a little snack before greeting people, the Crest toothbrush will get you back on track and leave you feeling minty fresh!

              Get it for the wedding:

              Look how cute these emergency kits are! After the big day, keep it for the honeymoon (because you could a little emergency kit for that as well) and as a makeup bag after if you please!

              You work so hard on planning your wedding, don’t let it all fall apart when a simple paper clip can do the trick! So, along with our suggestions, throw in a few more items from this post on the Mind + Beauty Blog. Some nail polish, band-aids, tissues, a lint roller, and even a pair of tweezers for that stray chin hair you find that morning (or is that just me?)


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