How to plan a safe covid wedding

The vaccine is out, and mask restrictions are loosening, but we’re not out of the woods yet! So, how do you have your dream wedding, but stay cautious at the same time? We’ve collected a few ideas on how to keep it safe, and still planning the wedding you want! 

I mean, come on, there’s a good chance you’ve postponed your wedding a whole year, it’s the least we could do!

1. Communicate with your Venue

The best thing you can do in 2021 is work closely with your venue. It is more important than ever that you communicate clearly with your venue on things like guest limitations, social distancing, and mask mandates. Your venue might ask you to take special cleaning precautions before and after your event, so make sure to pack those rubber gloves! 

It is also super important to communicate with your vendors. Much like your venue they will have certain protocols and precautions set in place. By the way… have you seen our Wedding Venue Guestbooks!? 


2. Be clear with your guests

Even if you originally planned a 600 person guest list, in light of covid, most people are gracious and understanding if you need to pare down that list. Of course, make sure to do that as soon as possible so that they can cancel any travel plans they have made. 

Once the list is finalized, be sure to clearly relay any safety precautions they need to know in order to attend your event. Do they need to bring their own mask? Consider putting all of your precautions on a wedding website!

3. Celebrate with Signage

Signage is a great way to let your guests know what is expected of them. This Take a Mask sign from us here at Miss Design Berry, is a clear and beautiful way to let your guests know that you are encouraging them to wear a mask throughout the entire ceremony. Add a box of these beautiful Wedding Facemasks that double as a keepsake after the wedding!

The Take a mask sign is just one of the coordinating Collection of COVID Wedding Signs from Miss Design Berry. With any of these signs, your wedding is bound to be the most hygenic event of the season!


4. Be Flexible.

Many traditional wedding activities will be harder with COVID-19, so you must remain flexible during this time. A receiving line where the bride and groom are traditionally given hugs and well wishes, might need to change to a receiving line where the bride and groom are handed cards and given a quick congratulations. You might want to consider tweaking the late night dance party to become a few mini dance parties where proper social distancing can be maintained. 

This time is a serious health concern for a lot of people. Whether they are immunocompromised themselves or live with someone who is, many people simply cannot risk contracting COVID-19 to attend your event. It is important to be gracious when guests express their concerns, and rather than pressuring them to attend your events, consider setting up a Digital Wedding Guestbook! You can get signatures from all of your family and friends, even those who couldn’t be there physically.

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