Kristin's "it has to be perfect" Holiday Gift Guide


First things first - I just want to welcome you to our little blog, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit Miss Design Berry. Running this shop is my absolute passion and the chance to interact with so many lovely clients really makes each day an adventure. So for that, and for you, I am so very grateful.

Now, a moment of real talk.

I am super behind in my OWN holiday shopping. So, creating this guide was sort of like a way to motivate myself to get gifting. Once I started working on it, I got all excited about buying gifts, so it worked!

Quick side note: I have come to learn over my years that different people put value on different aspects of gifts. Some people value the monetary value of the items over all else. Others value the time spent creating or thinking of the gift. Some value the physical effort put into the gift - which could be actually creating something with your hands, or just the distance traveled, etc to obtain the gift. And, there are some who value the personalized nature of the gift, with how it relates to the person receiving the gift. I definitely fall into this last category. 

I think in many ways my love for giving and receiving special gifts has lead me down the path to where I am today, and the business that I own. I get SO excited when I think of a super great gift to get someone, and being able to help our clients get that same feeling is so rewarding. 

I wanted to share some of the things I have found this season that I think are awesomely personal gifts. I call it the "it has to be perfect" gift guide since that basically is the mentality I have for every gift purchase I make.

Miss Design Berry Personalized Gift Guide for the Holidays 

1. For that guy who loves old movies, and old-timey stuff in general
Frankenstein Light Switch

2. For that awesome kid who deserves their own adventure book.
Custom Storybook Pillow 

3. For that outdoorsy couple who claim to like hiking and stuff.
Personalized canvas firewood carrier

4. For your beauty-maven bestie who is never in town to get brunch.
Face Mask to-go pods

5. For the self(ie) obsessed tween you otherwise have no ideas for...
Selfie light phone case

6. For the grown up Harry Potter fan who wants to appear adult (fyi, this is me).
Hogsmeade Poster

7. For your semi-retired parents who just bought a house in Florida 
Custom Home Portrait

What your favorite gifts are this season? I want to know! 

Happy gifting! 




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