Incorporating bold colors into your wedding

Bold colors are definitely trending in 2021! From jewel tones to bright fuschia and hunter green, we are seeing a definite shift in the wedding color palette. Now, while most brides are still opting for the white dress, there are plenty of other ways you can incorporate bright, beautiful, bold colors into your dream wedding. 

So, if you want to be bold this wedding season, we have 5 ways you can incorporate those bold colors seamlessly into your wedding!


1. The groom’s suit

Okay, we have seen so many amazing suits lately. Of course classic black will always be a crowd pleaser, suits in a dark burgundy or deep blue are quickly becoming fan favorites this year! From garnet to emerald green paisley, this is one area where you can really have some fun and add that bold statement you are looking for. 


2. The bridal party

Your girls have been with you through it all. The bad haircuts and the trendy clothing. I’m sure they’d love to be there for you now. Pick bold bridesmaid dresses to really pack a punch in your bridal party photos! Plus, they can shorten it and wear it again ;).


3. Table Settings

Aren’t these jewel tones gorgeous!? Your table is somewhere you can really make a splash. Using a bold color for your napkin, using bold florals, and bright foods can give you an amazing array of colors in a very natural setting. If you are looking for more jewel tone ideas, you’ll find 70 ideas on Happy Wed for inspiration!


4. Your guestbook

Our watercolor guestbook is the perfect way to add a swatch of bright color! A sage green, dark burgundy, or even a navy blue all look great behind the bride and groom and can provide amazing contrast against her white dress! 


5. Floral Arrangements

Flowers are a great way to add dark, bold, vibrant colors to your wedding while making them feel very natural. From your bridal bouquet to the vases lining the aisle you can put colorful flowers throughout all of your decor and have a cohesive, beautiful, bold wedding!

So, while you are planning your 2021 wedding, play around with some bright, bold, vibrant colors and see what you come up with. You might end up with some bright pinks and deep reds, or some jewel tones like emerald green and garnet. Any path you choose will be just right for you and make for one beautiful wedding.


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