Let’s all Take Center Stage with Table Decor

2021 has started a new wedding decor trend that I can totally get on board with! It’s going to be more comfortable and inviting than ever before. Weddings this year are going to be less stuffy, formal, or perfectly designed. Instead, they are going to be more comfortable, organic, and homey. Be willing to work with neutral tones and find the beauty in imperfection.

Table Decor

1. Lighting

Did you know that one of the most overlooked decor elements when planning a wedding is lighting? Who knew right?! Wedding lighting will enhance the look of your venue, highlight the important elements of your decor, such as centerpieces, and make those special areas of the room a focal point.

Get it for your wedding: 

You can get your Glass Geometric Terrarium from Vallari Decor’s etsy shop. You can add succulents, baby breath flowers, or stick with a single candle to dress these terrariums however fits your wedding best. If you are looking for a simpler look, go with these Infinite Sphere Oil Lamps from Surroundings.

Why We Love it: Classy, Practical, Focal Point

Table Decor

2. Texture

This may be a surprise to you...but hear me out. Texture is everything, if used with muted colors, it can create a clean and relaxed design. Picking three different textures for your table decor will prevent it from being too overwhelming.The coolest thing about this decor element is that hand-made is considered top value for this trend. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Choose from metal, glass, wood, fabric, paper, and more to craft a one of a kind display.

Grab this vintage yet classy Eyelash Edge Lace Table Overlay for your wedding. 

Why We Love it: Vintage, Creative, Unique

Table Decor

3. Portraits

By adding a personal portrait to your tables, it will make it more unique to “your wedding.” Not to mention, it allows for guests to stare at the photo rather than going back to the buffet for a sixth time! A portrait as a centerpiece adds depth and layering to the other pieces you are using.

Get it for your wedding: 

A Wedding Portrait Illustration Print can match everything from your favorite dress, fur babies, and colors of the wedding. Another great idea is to give them away as you clean up; give them to close family and friends to enjoy long after the wedding.

Why We Love it: Custom, Personal, Keepsake

Table Decor

4. Layering

Layering a centerpiece includes combining a number of different visuals, such as different heights, sizes, and material, while thoughtfully placing each one side by side or on top of another. Layering allows for you to have as many items as you want on the table, while still looking put together and classy. 

Get it for your wedding: 

Using Wood Slices to begin the layering process allows for a stable and specific layering base.

Why We Love it: Rustic, Starting Point, Fun

Table Decor

5. Greenery

Not only does greenery fit the comfortable and inviting wedding trend, but it also is more budget friendly than flowers. They keep well in the refrigerator and can be used several times. Greenery should be light and airy. On a table, it catches the eye but doesn’t obstruct the guests' views from each other or you.

Get it for your wedding: 

Greenery Garland Willow Leaves are simple and easy to use, all while being budget friendly. You can also opt for a fuller look with these living arrangements from The Garland Guy.

Why We Love it: Gorgeous, Fresh, Simple

Alongside your amazing table decor, add some comfortable seating, such as couches or a bench. This follows the new 2021 trend of having a cozy, organic, and homey wedding. Have you ever experienced that moment where you get the most compliments on your hair, and you didn’t even try to do it? This is a similar concept. The less you try to make perfect, the more it will come out as natural. Don’t let setting up be something you loath most, but rather something you enjoy doing.


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