My “Sweet” Quinceanera

A sweet sixteen or quinceanera is an important coming of age party, with food, dancing, and selfies. Using the right decorations can make a unique party, tailored to the special someone you're celebrating. Let’s make it a party to remember, before making them take on the responsibilities that come with young adulthood.


1. Pre-Party Invitations

Creating a custom invitation prior to the party will let everyone know the theme of your party, when, and where it will be. With themes anywhere from masquerade, black and white, Chanel, to mermaid, boho chic, and outdoor movie night. Choose the theme that fits your child best.

Get it for your party: 

With the birthday girl’s portrait on the card, it sends the message “RSVP with a yes please!” Assuring everyone comes, get your invitation through Miss Design Berry by chatting with your own designer.


2. Venue

If you want a special venue, make sure to book that months in advance. But for a more budget friendly option, you can always make your backyard work with the right decorations. Just like a wedding, always plan for the worst and expect the best, so rent a large tent to focus the party around.

Get it for your party: 

If you're going for the outdoor venue get a tent to protect the party decorations and guests.


3. Balloons

You can stay classy or funky with this fun and easy decoration. Large Round balloons are trending and can be placed as centerpieces on your table, at the entrance, or dessert table. They come in any color from the color wheel, add fringe, tassels, or sparkles for a more elevated look. 

Get it for your party: 

Balloons...get your balloons with your color of choosing! Heart Paper Scissors on etsy won't disappoint.

Cake Topper

4. Cake Topper

Cakes can be expensive, so why not buy a budget friendly cake and add a fancy cake topper to it. A topper can feature a special saying or a simple happy birthday. These can be reused or featured as memorabilia. 

Get it for your party: 

A Crown Cake Topper fit for a queen.


5. Backdrop

A backdrop creates a special place to make lasting memories. With selfies being all the rage, anyone knows that you need the right lighting featuring the perfect pose. Set up a “photo booth” in your own backyard or without the expense of a machine.

Get it for your party: 

After the party, feel free to put this Flower Wall Backdrop in the birthday girl’s room for extra decor.


6. Guestbook

Don’t make your child wait till their senior year to get a yearbook full of fun signatures. By setting up a party guest book, it allows all those there to personalize their own happy birthday message. With this custom guest book, it allows for the party to never end.

Get it for your party: 

This Alternative Guest Book is the last piece to the party. 

With everything set up and the party's underway, the last thing to do is blow out the candles and make a wish. With these decoration tips for the perfect decor, you know your child won’t be wishing for a better party. Whether it is your first or last birthday party to be throwing, set the bar high for all the future parties to follow.


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