Personalized Mother of the Bride Gifts

Trying to find the perfect personalized Mother of the bride gift, let’s just say, it’s no small task!

It’s hard to find a gift for the woman who has taught you everything and the woman who more than likely owns everything. Finding one singular Mother of the bride gift to tie a bow around that says ‘thank you for everything’ can be very daunting!

Doing something special on your wedding day to make your Mom feel loved and honored runs so much deeper than having her button up your gown or sharing a dance with her.

A huge part of what we do with personalized custom illustrations is taking those special moments and turning them into memories. Digital illustration is a heartfelt way of gift-giving, especially in a unique circumstance where no other gift seems to feel ‘right’.

Gifting the Mother of the bride with a personalized custom digital illustration is something she can cherish forever that ties back to a day she will surely never forget. It’s also something that she will be showing off table-to-table to all of your guests at your wedding reception. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, you heard it here first!

A personal digital illustration for the Mother of the bride is a gift that is guaranteed to bring on tears of pure joy, which, let’s face it, are the only tears allowed on your wedding day! It’s also a gift that will last a lifetime and one that is meant to be displayed in Mom’s home for years to come.

So how does pre-ordering a wedding day illustration work considering that your wedding day hasn’t actually taken place yet? We make your personalized custom Mother of the bride illustration look just like you and Mom! No, you don’t need to have your wedding photos in hand to make it happen. And yes you will absolutely have it in time to hand to Mom on your wedding day!

You shop our Mother of the bride gifts here and place your order. After your order is placed, you’ll receive a customization form from the Miss Berry Design team. This form is where you provide us with all the details possible, and we are kinda big on details around here!

You’ll also provide us with photos of you and your Mom. If you are going for a customized generational illustration, then you’ll provide us with photos and details of Grandma too!

If you do have any photos of your wedding dress, the Mother of the bride outfit, or Grandma’s outfit for the day, you’ll definitely want to send us those shots! We are willing to bet you snapped a few shots at your fitting or even once you took your dress home. Those will all work perfectly. Don’t have pics? No sweat, links to the dress online will work, too! It’s also totally ok if the only photos you have of you, Mom, and Grandma are ones of you in your street clothes.

Don’t hold back on providing us with details, the more you can tell us or show us, the more we can include in your personalized custom Mother of the bride illustration! If you are wearing a family heirloom bracelet on your wedding day or incorporating a specific flower because it has a special meaning behind it (like the ones Mom plants in her flower bed!) - we want to know about it. We like to catch all of those nitty-gritty details!

Your personalized custom mother of the bride illustration will look exactly like you and Mom or Grandma. And because we are total suckers for gifts that tug at your heartstring, we also give you the option of including a personalized message at the bottom of your illustration. This can be a bible verse, a line from a song quote, a family motto, or a phrase or saying from your favorite movie!

Need more info before placing your order for a custom mother of the bride gift? Read our FAQs here!

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