Pooja & Aalap: Indian Wedding in Phoenix, AZ

Here at Miss Design Berry, we are huge fans of a big Indian wedding! We just love to work with the brightest, most vibrant colors and glitters. It is always a delight to design illustrated wedding outfits and jewels for Indian couples!

This week, we are excited to feature Pooja and Aalap's wedding. Their traditional Hindu ceremony, with 300 of their closest friends and family, took place on November 26th 2016 in Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, Arizona. Their color palette combined rich oranges and reds, along with coral and gold.

Indian Wedding Color Palette | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

An Indian Wedding: Pooja & Aalap

Indian weddings are typically celebrated over an average of three days, and are punctuated by several ceremonies.  The photos below give us a peek at these amazing rituals!

Photos: Jason Silva

Indian Wedding MakeupThe day before the wedding, the brides' face and arms are covered with turmeric paste, a natural body and soul cleanser! Traditionally, the bride is washed off by a member of her family.

Before the wedding ceremony, a lot of care and time is given to the preparation of the bride, whose hands and feet are beautifully painted with henna, by artist Purvi Galiva. Look at the intricate details!

Painted with Henna - Indian Wedding

Makeup and jewels are an important part of the bride's attire, and traditionally composed of 16 jewelry pieces. She wears a lot of bangles, rings, necklace, earpieces and a hair piece. What a stunning bride! Pooja's makeup and hair were done by Michelle Wight.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

Indian Wedding AttireIndian Wedding Attire | Miss Design Berry
The Flowers

During the ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange flowers garlands. The wedding cannot be considered complete until this ritual has been performed. This is the symbol of unifying two souls into one.

Indian Wedding | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

The decor of this wedding ceremony was absolutely dreamlike. The mandap, which is the canopy where the ceremony takes place, was decorated with colorful flowers, beads and drapes. Their theme was marigold flowers and they were very happy to get the last crop of the season!

Indian Wedding Flower Garlands

Indian Wedding Flowers

Indian Wedding | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry


 The Decor

Miss Design Berry loved designing Pooja and Aalap’s portrait for their big day! They both looked absolutely fantastic! We are in love with the vibrant color of Pooja’s dress, which is beautifully complemented by the light coral of Aalap’s outfit. Here is a picture of the happy couple next to their illustration.

Indian Wedding Decor | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design BerryIndian Wedding Portrait | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

The artwork below has all been inspired by Indian wedding ceremonies.  We do portrait guestbooks, all kinds of signage, save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, etc…

Indian Wedding Custom Guest Books

Indian Wedding Guest Book | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design BerryIndian Wedding Guest Book | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

Indian Wedding | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

Indian Wedding | Pooja and Aalap | Miss Design Berry

We hope you loved this gorgeous wedding as much as we did! Be sure to check back Friday for this week's Freebie!


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