Unique Graduation Gifts

Calc-u later!! You have DONE it! Congratulations! You made it through all the late night study sessions, BS’ed your way through too many essays to count, and sucked up to enough teachers to last a lifetime. Whether you or your loved one has worked their butt off to get to where they are now, all graduates deserve a special little something to remember all those years of knowledge that seems to leave you in a blink of an eye.


1. Graduation Party Guestbook

I have a lot of “punny” things to say, so get your pens ready for this Alternative Guestbook. This is so unique and personalized that it would make for a perfect graduation gift. Pick your favorite from the following list when signing:

“It’s time to party, turn up that beet!”

“Snailed it!”

“Breaking Grad!”

“Herd you were graduating. Cow-gradulation!”

Get it for your Graduate:

This Customized Canvas Graduation Party Guestbook Alternative allows for congratulations from everyone! Do it in person if you’re hosting a party, or choose our digital signature service because school was hard, so let us make this easy for you.

Why We Love it: Unique, Customizable, Personal

Graduation Gift

2. Customizable Gold Bracelet

Let’s get classy. A little jewelry engraved with their graduation year, college, or degree allows for your loved one to show off their hard work in style. I love me a sleek looking bracelet that matches any outfit and doubles as a motivator for hard things to come.

Get it for your Graduate:

This Gold Plate Adjustable Bracelet from Gorjana makes it easy on you. They allow you to personalize your bracelet and work alongside you to get it made and sent quickly in time for graduation.

Why We Love it: Sleek, Classy, Keepsake


graduation gift

3. Class Keychain

Is it just me or do you still have your childhood best friend friendship necklace? Just me? Okay…. Well, you keep half of a heart and your friend takes the other half of the heart, and bam! Best friends for life. So special right? Well, you can get graduation keychains with the year and a cute mascot logo in a pack of 10 to share with your closest friends. If your mascot was literally a potato… maybe skip this one. 

Get it for your Graduate:

Vintage Branding Co gives a discount for a bundle package that will have quality printed mascot pictures and graduation year engraved on a stainless steel or brass keychain. This will last for years to come and is small and special enough to pass down to your kiddos as encouragement to graduate when the going gets tough.

Why We Love it: Special, Fun, Shareable

Graduation gifts

4. Graduation Necklace

I have a little something for those non-bracelet wearing people...me! I prefer necklaces, so here is one where you can engrave the outline of the state you attended, with the little cute heart location in the middle, and the initials of your school. Again, classy and sleek.

Get it for your Graduate:

Shipping is prompt, so it will be perfect for that last minute shopping. This College Necklace is one of Tomis Treasures best selling items. Don’t miss out on this unique graduation gift.

Why We Love it: Simple, Cute, Lovely

Graduation Gift

5. Customizable Bobblehead

Okay...hear me out. Imagine how DANG CUTE this will be in your loved ones work office!! A constant reminder that they can do hard things, I mean they were able to BS their way through school, so why not now haha. This is something I personally will invest in for my future graduates because it brings a little humor to all of the late night study sessions. 

Get it for your Graduate:

How fun are these Graduation Bobbleheads? I think one of myself would look fantastic on my husband's desk at his accounting job. He currently has a customized “Dunder Mifflin Award” that gets plenty of comments, so I might as well add a second one of his darling wife… right?. 

Why We Love it: Comical, Fun, Different


6. Graduation Portrait

Like wow, right?! Let’s get your girl/boy their personalized graduation portrait with the whole nine yards, cap with a gown/school sweater, a cap in their sport gear, or a classy one with cap and favorite prom dress. The best part - we can customize it exactly how you want it! 

Get it for your Graduate:

Here at Miss Design Berry we have top notch designers that will make the portrait exactly how you want it. We’ll capture your good-side. Show all your friends and family just how proud you are of your accomplishments with this Graduation Portrait.

Why We Love it: Lifelike, Remarkable, Keepsake

“Snailed It!” You guys, graduation is a big deal. In the US, only 46% graduate from college. Let’s celebrate this big day together and in the most special way with some unique gifts that will continue to encourage your loved one to do hard things!



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